HONOLULU (KHON2) — Throughout the 2023 holiday season, KHON2 will be sharing stories of families who could use a little help from the Laulima Giving Program.

Mom and dad have twin boys who are 12 years old, a five-year old daughter, and a baby boy born early this year with down syndrome.

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They were told it was a high-risk pregnancy because of it and because of her age, so mom closed her small business, which brought in about $40,000 a year, and she quit school because of the physical limitations and cost. Dad has taken on four jobs.

Their now nine-month old baby was also born deaf on one side and with a heart defect. He had to be on life support for a while and had surgery. And while he is doing well, he needs a special hearing aid and physical, speech and occupational therapies.

In addition to financial strains, there are enormous strains physically and emotionally on everyone. But they are doing the best they can.

They have joined down syndrome support groups and are seeing a marriage therapist and hospital psychologist. Mom is even trying to think of how she could help other families facing the same issues.

Still, they could use a helping hand, or many hands.

Their twin boys could use clothing, board shorts and shoes.

Their daughter would love lessons such as gymnastics, dance and martial arts.

They could use diapers and clothes for their baby boy.

They ask for nothing for dad, but mom is in need of some dental assistance.

In the spirit of laulima, we can help to make this family’s holiday season a happier time, even if they’re not asking. If you’d like to help, please click here. Then, click on Laulima and look for code H23006-6.

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This family is on Oʻahu. If you do not live on this island, but you would like to help, you can provide a monetary donation or gift card.

And thank you.