Today’s Laulima family experienced the life-saving benefit of modern technology, having saved their baby’s life while still in the womb.

But he’s not out of the woods yet and the family could use some help this holiday season.

Mom was pregnant with their second son when they were told he had a genetic blood disorder called Alpha Thalassemia Major, which can cause severe anemia and experts say in most cases, the baby will die before birth or soon after.

But thanks to new treatments and technologies, doctors were able to give blood transfusions through the womb. Mom and baby went through treatments twice a week for five months and baby was born healthy. He is now two years old.

But, he still needs some medical care and they are still paying the medical bills.

Their two-year-old and five-year-old could both use new clothes. With the five-year-old needing school supplies too and their two-year-old would love toys.

Mom and dad could use grocery and gas gift cards.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together, we can help this family have a brighter holiday season.

If you’d like to help, please go to our website khon2.Com, click on local, then Laulima and look for ‘ohana code H2263. Thank you.