Laulima: Single mother cares for sons with special health needs


A young, single mother of three has two boys with special health needs.

They live with Mom’s grandparents for now, and Mom’s 8-year-old daughter likes to help with her younger brothers.

Her 3-year-old son, who’s described as strong-willed and lovable, has hearing loss and speech delay.

Her energetic 23-month-old son was born with health challenges that had him in intensive care for the first eight months of his life. He is still considered medically fragile, but he no longer has to be tethered to an IV line for feeding during the day.

Mom struggles with maintaining her car, which is very helpful in getting her sons to their various medical, therapeutic, and education intervention programs.

Mom hopes to be able to go back to school someday, but when asked what they’d like for the holidays, said basic necessities such as “clothes would be more helpful than toys.”

In addition to a gift card for groceries or gas, and clothes (women’s XL, girl’s size 14 or 16, boy’s sizes 8 and 2T), her daughter loves Barbies and art, stationery, or scrapbooking kits. Her 3-year old son loves trains and anything on wheels, such as trucks and cars. Her 23-month-old loves balls.

As for something nice for Mom, she could use a new bag, sunglasses, and maybe a nail polish kit.

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