Today’s Laulima family is a senior couple who have been going through a series of serious health problems.

This wife was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer 10 years ago. After trying various forms of treatment, doctors found cancer in her lungs and gave her two years to live.

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It’s now been three years and the cancer has traveled to her neck and brain.

While trying to help her as best he can, her husband suffered five strokes, losing some physical abilities with each. He also had a heart attack and this year broke his thigh bone when he fell while getting dressed.

They didn’t want to ask for help but Laulima team member met with them and this is what “would” be helpful.

For the husband, a twin-sized cotton blanket. And for his wife, a nice comfortable pillow.

They could use any grocery, gas or store gift cards.

Also, their car has holes, and leaks when it rains, so if anyone knows how to repair leaks, that would be helpful, as they need their car for weekly doctor appointments.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together, we can help this couple through this holiday season.

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