As many know, loneliness can be crippling, and the holidays can compound depression.

A young man who has experienced devastating losses could use the comfort in the generosity of strangers.

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This young man is only 20 years old, and in the last two years, he lost four friends.

He was 17 when he graduated from high school and joined the military.

During training, two friends committed suicide. After training, his bunkmate was stationed overseas and died in the first week.

He ended up returning to Hawaii after suffering an injury and this past summer another friend died in an accident.

He’s renting a room and has a job but as you can imagine is having difficulty, emotionally and mentally, and doesn’t speak with many people. He prefers the ocean, fishing and diving.

He asks for prayers, but we know he could use white cotton short sleeve t-shirts and black running or work shoes, plus board shorts. And he would be thrilled to receive a tackle box and fishing pole, diving fins or a throw net.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together, let’s help this family whose mom is doing all she can to help themselves.

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