Laulima: Helpers from Maemae School


HONOLULU (KHON2) — For every family in need in our Laulima Giving program, there are so many of you who respond to help including children, and their schools.

KHON2 caught up with some of Santa’s Laulima helpers at Target Ala Moana.

It’s not unusual to hear excited children in the toy aisles of Target, but this is a school day.

They’re learning math, and economics.

A bargain means more toys for children they’ve never met,

“I bought things for little kids like dolls and stuffed animals and a lego set for our age,” said Hattie Deigert, third grader.

“I bought board games because the whole family could play with them,” said Kai Chen, third grader.

“What we want to teach the children is to be a positive community contributor by actually buying toys for the less fortunate,” said Jan Zane-Chin, Ma’ema’e Elem. School 3rd grade teacher: “So what we had the kids do, in November they had to sit down with their parents, they had to negotiate money for chores.”

“It was really cute because she came up with the chores, and i told her how much money,” said parent Heather Deigert.

“I swept for $2, i folded clothes for 50 cents,” Hattie Deigert, third grader.

“I read to my sister,” said Sarah Hayasaka, third grader. “I swept the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor i got the trashcans and recycling.”

“Like clean the toilet for five dollars and then i vacuumed the floor for 2 dollars.” said Kai Chen, third grader.

KHON2 asked for a grand total of how much did you have to spend?

“I had $50,” said Hattie Deigert, third grader.

In the end, these budding savvy shoppers are learning the most important lessons of all

“I thought it was pretty cool because I get to buy things for other people who can’t afford them,” said Kai Chen, third grader.

“We feel happy that we get to buy more toys for kids because if we didn’t buy enough toys for kids the kids would be sad,” said Mitsuko Nakamaejo, third grader.

“Because when kids don’t have presents it makes them sad when they see other kids do,” said Sarah Hayasaka, third grader. “It makes them sad.”

The children will bring these toy donations to Maemae Elementary School’s Laulima Giving Assembly, when all the students of the school bring donations for Laulima.

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