Laulima: Grandparents who adopted grandchildren could use a helping hand


KHON2 is once again partnering with Keiki O Ka Aina for our Laulima Giving Program. Every day, we’ll share a story of a family or someone who may be going through a rough time and could use some help this holiday season.

Grandparents who became caregivers to their grandchildren could use a little boost this holiday season.

The children were just 3 and 5 years old when their mother died of cancer. Their father wasn’t and hasn’t been able to care for them, so their grandparents, their mother’s mom and dad, asked for and gained custody and have since adopted them.

The professional who approached Laulima says she has seen the children blossom into very special individuals who understand the value of hard work and studying hard in order to have better options in their future.

Their grandparents have worked hard to make ends meet, while teaching the children to appreciate what they have and to live within their means.

But now they could use a little helping hand. The children’s older half-brother recently moved out to start his own family. He had helped with rent and utilities.

Grandmother is still self-employed as a house cleaner while Grandfather is retired.

They have never asked for help, but this professional says they could benefit from any assistance offered. They could use Times and Foodland gift cards.

She says Grandpa could use a jacket and Grandma could use a sweater and sneakers (XL, shoes 8.5).

All they ask for for the children, their 11-year-old grandson and 14-year-old granddaughter, is clothing (boy YL/14, shoes 7.5, girl junior L, shoes 6.5), plus a basketball for their grandson and shoes for their granddaughter.

To help, click here and use the ohana code LS-399.

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