Laulima giving program involves elementary school students


A big mahalo to all of you who adopted a family through our Laulima giving program.

This year, we even had some schools that were adopted. Keoneula Elementary School in Ewa even incorporated a geometry lesson into the giving.

Ornaments made by first graders using geometric shapes that once blanketed the school tree are now gone.

“The first grade teachers contacted Laulima and asked for 150 wishes that can be fulfilled through our project and so they partnered us with Fern Elementary School,” said resource teacher Angelita Yadao-Payad.

“They had students at Fern fill out wish lists and they submitted them to us,” said school counselor Aaron Chung, “and we put them on the back of our ornaments. Actually, we requested 150, but they went out so fast, we requested 50 more.”

Yadao-Payad said “after the students create the ornaments, they hang it on the tree, and then the entire school has the chance to choose one and bring it home and show their parents and make that wish come true for one of the (Fern) students.”

As bare as the tree is, the floor around it is filled with toys and gifts, representing wishes fulfilled by students, parents, and staff.

“It feels good,” student Sean Isaac Sardon said. “At least I get to be helpful and caring, so it feels really good to help other people.”

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