Earlier this year, everyone in this household contracted COVID. They got through it but two weeks later dad, the family’s breadwinner, suffered a heart attack and died at home.

Mom and their six-year-old son live with dad’s mom and aunt. They’re struggling to recover from dad’s passing and mom is looking for a job.

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Her mother-in-law and aunt are on a fixed income and struggle with their own health issues.

For mom’s son, he could use school clothes, a jacket and shoes. He loves books and puzzles, the color red and Disney.

Mom could use toiletries, a stationary planner set and grocery and gas gift cards.

Her mother-in-law could use a walker, cane, socks, planner and toiletries.

Her aunt-in-law would love a notebook, house slippers, a towel and toiletries.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together, let’s help this family whose mom is doing all she can to help themselves.

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