Laulima: Family happy to move back to Hawaii, health issues strike


HONOLULU (KHON2) — A year ago, Dad got an offer from his employer to move back to Hawaii, to work here.

He and his wife had been living in California for 18 years and were excited to come home, which they did, along with their now 16-year-old daughter.

But in November 2018, about one month after moving back, Mom, who is only 51, suffered a stroke. Their daughter, who had a job, took time off to care for her mother and to bring her to doctor and physical therapy appointments. Eventually, mom returned to work part-time.

Then in May 2019, Dad, at only 52-years-old, suffered a heart attack which followed 10 days later by another “massive” heart attack. He had triple bypass surgery, but since then has had numerous complications, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, deteriorating lungs. He’s been hospitalized for nearly three out of the last six months and was unable to return to work.

Mom’s been selling off personal items like her laptop, to help pay their bills and they’ve had to stop their daughter’s extracurricular activities.

Mom and dad have been foster and adoptive parents for 23 years, always the ones providing help, never needing to or wanting to ask for help.

But, in this season that has been particularly trying for them, they could certainly use it. Gas cards for mom to get to work and their daughter to get dad to doctor appointments, grocery gift cards, and mom could use a gently used laptop so she can do some work from home.

She would love for their daughter to get wireless earphones to listen to her music from her phone. Their daughter loves reading mysteries, and drawing and painting so art supplies and sketchbooks too.

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