Mom is 42 and she has a 7-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son.

Just two months ago, her daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease called SAA or severe aplastic anemia.

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Her bone marrow doesn’t produce enough new blood cells. And that can make her prone to uncontrolled bleeding, fatigue, rapid heart rate, headaches and fever. She was hospitalized for a month and a half.

Mom stayed with her daughter nearly the entire time, thanks to grandma who helped care for her son.

Mom’s paid leave ran out quickly and she’s been depleting her savings to pay the medical bills.

They could use a helping hand, and yet mom didn’t ask for much when we inquired.

For her daughter, she could use sneakers for PE.

For her son, sneakers as well, plus a raincoat and clothing as he’s growing fast.

Mom’s only wish is for her children to have a nice Christmas.

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