Mom and dad had three children, now ages four, two and one. But this father became abusive to the family and mom is trying to get full custody.

Also this year, mom’s father was diagnosed with cancer and in less than two weeks passed away.

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Mom works full-time and attends college classes online, planning for a better future for her children. She’s also making sure they receive therapy to help in their healing.

When asked, mom said her four-year-old daughter could use school supplies, clothes and toys. She especially loves princesses, mermaids, and all things pink, purple and sparkly.

Her two-year-old son loves PJ Masks, PAW patrol, trucks, dinosaurs and sharks. He could also use clothes and pull-ups.

Her one-year-old daughter enjoys minions and animal toys, plus clothes and diapers for her would be helpful.

As for mom, she could use work clothes, gas cards, Target or Walmart gift cards — and we think it would be nice to get her a salon gift card.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together, let’s help this family whose mom is doing all she can to help themselves.

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