HONOLULU (KHON2) — Today’s Laulima family immigrated from the Philippines, but in the process experienced extreme heartache. Kathy Muneno has their story.

Dad came from the Philippines with three of his children, to set the foundation for a better life for his wife and children — better healthcare, safety and education. He worked extremely long hours in the coffee fields of Hawai’i island with plans to bring his wife and other child here as well.

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But one of his daughters, at just 8 years old, was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer and passed away six months after her diagnosis.

Dad had quit his job to be with her as she was treated at Kapiolani Medical Center on Oahu. And it took months after her passing to get back on his feet with a new landscaping job. And soon his wife and other child were able to join the family here and they had two more children.

This family of five lives in a small 500 square foot unit so there’s not much space. Their oldest son, 12 years old would just like new clothes for school, and he could use new shoes.

Their middle son, 8 years old, needs clothes and shoes too, as does their younger brother, but he would be thrilled to receive Pokemon cards and Pop It fidget toys.

Their youngest, a five-year-old son would love dinosaur toys and a nerf gun. Mom could use kitchen items like pots, pans, bowls, storage containers and a food steamer. Dad could use running shoes, grocery and gas gift cards.

In the spirit of Laulima, our many hands working together we can help this family and brighten their holiday season.

If you’d like to help, please go to our website khon2.com, click on “local,” then “laulima” and look for code B-2123. And thank you.