Laulima: a single mother who escaped addiction, abuse and homelessness to graduate from college


Mom is a single mother of a one-year-old girl. She has overcome addiction and recently escaped an abusive relationship and was homeless with her daughter for several months before returning home to her parents. Through it all, she finished her college education and graduated. She just recently got a job. 

Her daughter’s father has no contact and does not help financially. When they moved in with the baby’s grandparents, grandpa came out of retirement and went back to work part-time. Grandma quit her job to take care of her granddaughter and take her to a parent-child preschool program. 

This family is struggling to make ends meet, but are getting there. The little girl could use educational toys and puzzles, and diapers would be a big help. The professional who referred this family says mom needs a bed and could use a gift card for Target to get item she needs. Grandpa could use a gas gift card and grandma says a grocery gift card or holiday meal would be so appreciated. 

Together, let’s lend a helping hand during this holiday season and bring some joy to this family. Thank you for your kindness. Aloha.

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