Laulima: A family is showered with gifts from Robert Half staff


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Presents and tree awaiting a family, one chosen specifically by Robert Half employees.

“We were able to purchase everything on their wish list items this year,” said Erica Huggins, Robert Half branch manager. “We wear jeans on Fridays and the team here participates by paying $5 weekly throughout the year so that we can support the needs and the list items.”

“The little one was looking at some stuff on the side and he saw his name,” said Elisha Ponafala, mother. “I’m like no (laugh). That’s not for you (laugh).”

But it was for him, and his brother and sister,
how much would you pay to be able to wear blue jeans to work?

would it make a difference if you knew that money would help a family in need have a merrier christmas.

kathy muneno was there when a laulima family received the gifts of a year’s worth of blue jean payments. she just wanted it to be a surprise. This holiday season has been hard for the family as a couple of months ago, mom had to quit her job because of a health problem, suddenly they’re on one income and with higher bills. The children’s school principal made the referral to our Laulima Giving Program.

“I got a call from the principal,” said Ponafala. “They said that this company, and then I didn’t know anything about the company over here. So I just went on line and google it. I’m like oh my gosh we’re so blessed.”

“Was everybody a really good kid this year?” asked Huggins.

He must’ve been good, as even more gifts arrived, for all.

Mom was invited to open the first gift, the largest and one of a few also from Robert Half’s community partners, and this one is for her 4th child on the way.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much,” said Ponafala. “Oh my god thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” said a Robert Half employee.

“You want to run around and help them open it?” asked Huggins.

“Ok,” said the boy.

“Ok here they come,” said Erica.

“Ready set go. Cool, wait is this bed for me? This is the worlds greatest day ever, ” said the boy.

“A chainsaw?” asked the girl.

“Thank you. Thank you,” dad said.

“I wonder what’s this i wonder what’s this woohoo,” the boy said.

“I’m going to wear this tomorrow,” said the girl.

“Mom you want to open one more?” asked Huggins.

Elisha: “Umm, I don’t want to get a heart attack,” said Ponafala. “This is too much for me. I wasn’t expecting all this.”

Robert Half has been a Laulima partner adopting a family every year for 12 years now.

On top of this, its corporate office matches the donations, which go to our Laulima partner the nonprofit Keiki O Ka Aina.

“So you give beyond the family then,” asked KHON2.

“That must feel really good,” said KHON2.

Erica: “It does absolutely and doing this around the holidays and building up to it all year long there’s nothing like it,” said Huggins. “It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“I’m gonna take this home,” said the boy.

“Say thank you everybody,” said Ponafala.

“Thank you everybody,” said the boy.

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