HONOLULU (KHON2) — Whether she’s working out on a machine, or jumping rope, Claire Wake is focused. When she began Crossfit 12 years ago, she had no idea what it was.

“I had never heard of it. But I was looking for an exercise program where there was more guidance and coaching that had been working out in gyms for many years where you go around and do your own thing,” said Claire Wake and CrossFit Oahu member.

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Wake started out slowly but within a few months, she was hooked.

“All the movements that we do, all the skills and workouts are scaleable so we can decrease the intensity and the weight and the speed and whatnot to match where we are,” said Wake.

“Well I certainly feel more fit, stronger and I did see as I worked out longer a few years, my core was stronger,” said Wake.

As a result, the 71-year-old said her back issues have diminished.

“So she’s learned how to reach barbells over her head, she’s got pull-ups, she can do handstand pushups, which are all things she wasn’t able to do when she got here,” said CrossFit Oahu Coach Malachi Greiner.

Her coach said more kupuna are joining Crossfit Oahu.

“You don’t have to come in here and lift a lot of weights, but to move your body, put a little bit of resistance on the body, is going to elongate your time on your feet and increase your time to be mobile as you grow older,” said Greiner.

In addition to Crossfit several times a week, Wake also stays active by playing tennis and rock climbing. And she also exercises her creative talents even rapping about Crossfit.

“Clean and jerk, it needs some work and I ring that bell,” said Wake.

For Wake, it’s all about having some fun while being healthy and independent, after retiring from UCLA.

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“I don’t want to be a burden to anyone I want to enjoy the family, the grandkids, get on the floor with them and play and be able to get back up as well and so it makes life much more enjoyable,” said Wake.