HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s the home of the Hawaiian barbecue plate lunch and has grown to more than 200 locations. L&L continues to expand and its founder has no plans to slow down.

The man behind the business is Eddie Flores and he is nowhere near retirement.

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“I wake up at about 4:30 in the morning on the computer, working on different stuff including L&L,” said Flores.

At the age of 75, he’s constantly working.

“In fact just today, we had someone call us about opening in England, and my daughter said no, don’t do it, we’re too busy,” said Flores.

Too busy opening 15 to 20 new L&L Hawaiian Barbecue locations this year, adding to more than 200 worldwide. It’s a plate lunch chain that started when he bought L&L Drive Inn more than 45 years ago.

Flores said, “for me, I enjoy my work, I don’t mind working seven days a week. It’s not work. For me, I have to be busy and keep active.”

He remains active serving as chairman of L&L, while one of his daughters serves as CEO. Flores is also active in the Chinese community.

“So I spent a lot of my teenage years and going to college time, going to Chinatown also I have strong memories of Chinatown, I love Chinatown, I still go to Chinatown two to three times a week,” Flores explained.

Flores created the non-profit A Better Chinatown Association, trying to improve the area and bring people back. He’s been working on an arch to serve as a gateway to Chinatown.

“There’s so many projects so many good projects that you can work on and I’m constantly looking for things to do to keep me busy,” said Flores.

Flores also remains active in the Filipino community, organizing the annual Filipino fiesta.

“You help other people, you’ll get 10 times back in return.”

Eddie Flores, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Founder and Chairman

Later this year, he’ll take on the new role of being a grandfather. Both of his daughters are expecting.

“I’m excited. First time we’re going to have grandchildren, my wife is more excited than me,” Flores stated.

Flores, who doesn’t take any medication, said he has the energy to keep up with everything by eating mostly fish and vegetables. He also exercises daily, lifting weights and walking up to five miles a day.

KHON2 asked if he thinks he’ll ever slow down?

Flores said,”if my mind collapses, then you won’t see me. Other than that I’ll be in the office every day, I’ll be working every day because it’s not work, it’s fun.”

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At this rate, who knows? L&L could open in England, one day soon.