HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is never too late to turn your passion into a business.

That’s what an Oahu man did when he was already partly retired.

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An idea came to Tony Fallas, when he was taking a relaxing stroll on the beach.

“It started out with our family, my daughter and son collecting shells and glass, making things for our friends and family and we got asked to make stuff for other people and we decided we’re going to start this little business up,” Fallas said.

That was 12 years ago. And the business? Beachwalk Gallery Hawaii.

Fallas said, “I was always into jewelry, unique pieces of jewelry and I designed all these pieces and they’re unique to my company.”

Fallas, who used to be in the clothing business, dives several times a week.

“Usually after a big storm and then early spring on North Shore go out and collect, and range from anywhere shallow 2-20 feet for the sea glass and the seashells run anywhere from 10-30 feet,” said Fallas.

Fallas and his family get all of their finds on the North Shore. There’s even sand from the beach where it was found, on the back of his pieces. They’re handmade and sold at the Haleiwa Store Lots. But the 73-year-old North Shore resident doesn’t really see this as work.

“I was more excited about going and finding the stuff everyday I get up, race down to the beach when it was there, collect the shells and the glass and I got inspired by finding the really unique pieces,” he said.

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Fallas remains energized and healthy by walking, swimming and diving. He also has a lot of spinach drinks and a positive attitude.

Fallas asked, “It’s more like, how much fun can I have today?”