Seniors sending lesson of aloha to children around the world

Kupuna Life

There is a group of Honolulu Rotarians heading to Nepal this week and they carry with them a lesson in aloha, that began with the loving hands of kupuna.

Idle hands, these are not.

Sheila Black is a resident of Arcadia and organizes volunteer projects.

”Three people to cut paper, three punching the flowers so it’s just a matter of setting it up and they just go,” she laughed.

It’s the makings of an elementary school project.

Sheila guided 2 of the 15 or so ladies volunteering in this day’s task.

“Line it up with this petal and punch and that way you get the hole as close to the middle as you can,” Black coached.

So no surprise, Sheila found out there were seven retired teachers in the group. Not all, but what they all do have in common is they’re residents of the retirement community at Arcadia, and they all answered Sheila’s call for volunteers.

“We used to sign people up then we realized no reason to sign up just tell people if you can help come if you can’t it’s ok,” she explained. “And this is typical. We have fun.” 

Paper flowers, straws and yarn to be strung into lei by more than 100 poverty-stricken and homeless children more than 7,000 miles away in Nepal. 

Judy Lind is with the Rotary Club of Honolulu, which does an international project every year.

“Most of the Rotarians will be working on the center, they’ll be painting building a fence putting in landscaping,” she said. “Some of us will be working with the children themselves.”

Lind told the volunteers “what you are doing is putting together kits and all of the children which will be age preschool to high school will be learning about  Hawaii and this is one of the things they’ll be doing so thank you very much.”

People helping people helping children of the world.  

And when the kits are made, these busy hands guided by giving hearts will rest, but not for long, before the next call for help arrives.
“I think a lot of (the volunteers) feel this is my way of giving back to the community,” Black explained.

It’s true for Sheila too.

“This is my way of giving back, giving back to Arcadia, giving back to my friends, giving back to the community you know it’s how you give back.”

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