HONOLULU (KHON2) — We hear about scams all the time, and more and more see red-flags in an email or text. Our kupuna need to be extra careful of specific scams.

Scammers will go after just about anyone, and kupuna, are one of their top targets.

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Roseann Freitas of the Better Business Bureau said that “for those 65 and older, home improvement scams were the number one item, which isn’t really surprising, they’re home now, they’re retired, they’re able to do things and really want to get that home fixed.”

She also said, other times, a contractor, who doesn’t have a license, will show up, and do below average work.

“So, sometimes, what you’ll see is a contractor will come,” explained Freitas. “They’ll give you a bid. They’ll ask for all the money up front which is a red flag. People will pay the money; and then, they’ll never see them again.”

That’s why it’s important to know who you’re doing business with.

“We used to know our neighborhood,” added Freitas. “We used to know who we’re able to shop with who, who not to. We’re a global economy; so, we’re used to being online with companies we don’t know.”

And how are criminals targeting kupuna? Texts are becoming very common.

“They didn’t grow up with the cell phones and the technology,” said Freitas. “It’s still something relatively new.”

“So, be careful because, if any time someone texts you, especially if they really like to frighten our kupuna and say you’re going to lose your social security or Medicare benefits, click here, don’t,” said Freitas.

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, freitas advises you to contact the business or entity that’s claming to call you.

Also, look up a company before doing business with them to see if it’s licensed or registered.

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And if someone demands personal info or urges you to pay up remember:

“When it comes to anything with money, it’s not an emergency,” concluded Freitas.