HONOLULU (KHON2) — Iris Miura remembers the difficulties she faced last year.

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“Started in March with vertigo and then after that in April, on Good Friday I fell in the morning,” said Miura, Hawaii Kai resident.

She had to use a walker and couldn’t get around too much.

“I was really depressed because I couldn’t do anything and I was not very mobile,” said Miura.

And now? She can deadlift 50 pounds.

“Actually coming here for training, really helped me,” said Miura.

In addition to seeing a balance therapist, she went to OrthoSport Hawaii, determined to get her life back.

“She was only lifting 10 pounds off the group with kettle back, to 20, 30 to 40, and then eventually, she started lifting a 50-pound conventional deadlift which requires so much form,” said Travis-Mitchell Ota, OrthoSport.

Miura, who will turn 85 years old next month, also does exercises to help with her balance and blood flow.

“With a lot of my kupuna here, I really work on their strength, their cardiovascular endurance, their flexibility. Most importantly, their fall prevention exercises that we like to do,” said Ota.

Miura also goes on walks a couple of times a week, advising other kupuna to keep moving, no matter their condition or age.

“Oh absolutely just stay active, you cannot just lie around,” said Ota.

She’s also driving again and traveling. In fact, she’s getting ready for her third out-of-state trip this year!

“Oh I’m really happy now, being back in the gym, walking with my friends,” said Miura.

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Something she could only imagine, a year ago.