Kupuna Life: The ladies of the Holy Nativity Thrift Shop

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Holy Nativity Thrift Shop next to Aina Haina Shopping Center isn’t huge, but it has everything you’d want in a thrift shop.

From the variety, quality, low prices, and more, the ladies behind the counter? They are the more.

“The ladies here are so nice,” said Holy Nativity Thrift Shop volunteer Miyo Takushi. “We get along, I think.”

The ladies sorting and pricing in the back are the more.

“The people who volunteer are all wonderful. I mean, you just want to come back and see them,” said Holy Nativity Thrift Shop Volunteer Michele Cockett.

The ladies working in the storage area are the more.

“I love it, I mean, I miss it when I’m not here,” said Holy Nativity Thrift Shop Volunteer Cheri Keefer.

Cheri Keefer is giving us a preview of the “Holy Nativity Festival and Christmas Sale” which falls on Saturday, November 9.

The ladies have been preparing for the festival since the day after Christmas last year, in 2018.

“This is our big exciting day of the whole year for the volunteers at Holy Nativity Thrift Shop,” said Keefer.

Collecting Christmas items, art, china, jewelry, toys as the flyer says, more than 1,000 items for sale at the festival.

“People are just waiting outside bursting to get into the sale and it’s just really an exciting way for us to make money for community charities,” said Keefer.

All proceeds will go to a handful of charities nominated and voted on every year by the volunteers. Even “year-round” proceeds from the thrift store go to charities as well as the church.

“When you get old, you need something to do. If you’re going to do something, you want it to do some good for somebody,” said Cockett.

Michele Cockett has been volunteering here for 17 years.

“Do you ever keep anything that comes in?” We asked.

“Yes!” said Cockett. “We’re the best customers. We’re all the best shoppers, we’re invested. You can’t help it. I mean, you see all of these things and I’m old. I’m trying to clean my house out and I see these wonderful things and I think, I just have to buy, like a hippopotamus planter I just had to have.”

“There are about 25 volunteers that work during the year and they might start in their 60’s up. Miyo is 92 and Marge who is 89. We’re like a sorority,” said Keefer.

“How do you find the energy to stand on your feet and volunteer for so long?” We asked.

“You just make yourself do it,” said Miyo. “I think it works for the better because you keep moving.”

“The ladies here are very friendly and very knowledgable and helpful and you can see that they work pretty hard for opening only three days a week,” said customer Terry Herbert.

And the adoration goes both ways.

“It’s just like everybody is one big family when they shop here,” Keefer said.

“We’re a family. I think that’s really what keeps me coming. It’s part of the family and I feel like I’m part of the store. It’s part of us,” Cockett said.

The thrift shop is open Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Of course we’re all looking forward to that festival, November 9,” said Cockett.

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the community center right behind the shop.

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