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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Laughter and Medicare?

They can go hand in hand with Medicare Martha at the helm.

“But what I’ve also done is provide everybody with a little booklet and it’s right here on the table if you want to grab one and it’s called ‘Your Medicare Buddy,” said Medicare Educator and Radio Host Martha Khlopin. “How about that, I want to be your Medicare buddy.”

It’s true! Medicare is Martha’s passion. She found it ten years ago working for a large insurance company.

“So I just went around the island doing Medicare seminars all the time, had an opportunity to do a radio show and became known as Medicare Martha,” she said.

She now has her own business and commits 20 hours per week to community service like this, a free educational Medicare 101 workshop at Vintage Cave Cafe.

“It’s a joy to work with Medicare beneficiaries and those transitioning to Medicare,” she said. “It’s a big step. Sometimes, people who transition because they’re 65 years old, they’re having trouble just accepting that they’re 65 so anything that I can do to help them transition to medicare is just, again, just a joy to my heart.”

“I’m on Medicare and I know that every year they do annual updates and I trust Martha Khlopin implicitly especially to net out what’s right for me,” said 70-year-old Medicare Recipient Jo-Ann Adams.

“So if I ask someone what plan do you have now? They say I have Medicare,” said Khlopin. “Well, what kind of Medicare plan do you have? Most people don’t know. Anybody here knows what kind of Medicare plan they have just off the top?”

If you want to change your plan, you have until December 7th, when the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ends.

“The great thing about Martha is that she’s aware of all the details,” said 83-year-old Medicare Recipient Al Harrington. “And then you don’t get caught up in not knowing the detail you need to follow up. It’s the follow up always that gets you.”

“One thing you learn is that it’s not as straight forward as you think, and if you miss a deadline you could be in a world of hurt,” said Adams.

“I mean there was information pertaining to people if they still have the old card, the Medicare card with their social security number that won’t be taken after January 1st,” said Ken Farm, who is researching for relatives.

“So that’s brand spanking new, so every year there are changes to Medicare,” said Khlopin.

Martha tells her class upfront, you can’t learn everything about Medicare in one sitting. You’re encouraged to do one or more of the following: go to Medicare.gov, call the customer service number on the back of your Medicare insurance card, go to eventbrite.com and search “Medicare 101” for Martha’s upcoming workshops, turn on your radio to “A Medicare Moment with Martha” Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. on 690AM or 94.7 FM, get a free informational app at getmartha.cardtapp.com or reach out to Martha.

“People can actually call me or text me,” she said. “My number is 808-230-3379. I love texts and phone calls and anything about Medicare because it’s truly a passion.”

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