HONOLULU (KHON2) — As people get older, is it important for many to keep their bodies active, but it does not mean spending hours in the gym. GYMGUYZ is an at-home mobile personal training company, and their location in Honolulu has helped local kupuna with their fitness.

Laura Sato, a Manoa resident, had a hard time getting around. The 89-year-old said she noticed that she was having a hard time getting up and walking for periods of time at home. She had ligament surgery on her right leg and was not using it properly.

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“I guess I was just afraid to step on that foot and because the pain was severe, I didn’t want to step on it,” Sato explained.

Sato then started to do simple at-home exercises with a trainer from GYMGUYZ. Debbie Kim Morikawa, the owner of the franchise’s Honolulu location, said it is all about functional fitness and teaching kupuna how to move better so that they can maintain their independence and, ultimately, feel better.

“When we go to people’s homes, we can assess the environments, look at the things people need to do and then determine the type of exercises that are going to help them maintain their ability throughout the day,” Morikawa explained.

Even an exercise or movement as small as changing how someone gets up from a chair can help with balance. Another exercise involves water battles being placed up against a wall — which can strengthen the muscles and increase stability.

“And the whole purpose of these exercises is it exercises the quads; so, it exercises the legs here. We’re exercising the core because she’s pushing against the wall and getting her head in alignment; now, let’s push up and strengthen the elbow,” said Morikawa.

According to Morikawa, being at the kitchen sink can also help.

“So, tell people while you’re washing your hands, just pick up one leg,” Morikawa stated. “It’s helping her build strength and the skill set to keep her upright.”

Morikawa said she will challenge kupuna, but not push anyone beyond their abilities.

“I’m finding it better to get up and move around,” Sato added. “I’m just amazed; I can’t believe this.”

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To learn more about functional fitness with GYMGUYZ, call (808) 638-2525.