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HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s not something you hear much about in Hawaii, perhaps because they’re “private” — we’re talking about private investigators.

But with more than half a century of experience under his belt, one former investigator is now an open book.

“I say in the book I love lawyers. Well, of course, I do, because they’re my main clients,” said Steve Goodenow.

A “Private I,” very much in the public eye, spilling stories.

These stories are gathered in a book that he wrote at his son’s request, “Hawaiian Eye: My Fifty Years as a P.I. in Paradise.”

“I figured I better write this book before my memory fades and so that’s what I did. I could remember these things.”

Steve Goodenow is still a private investigator. The gift of gab has always come in handy he says, though some things have changed.

“Now the greatest tool for an investigator is your computer, and the internet, and Facebook. You know people say the damnedest things on Facebook you know, they do, and it’s all right there to take a look at.”

And he’s more selective with cases, cases not always as portrayed on TV, or, are they?

“But there are times when we have to do things that are maybe a little exciting,” he said.

It runs in his veins, being a private investigator, his dad was an FBI agent, a spy in fact, who reported to J. Edgar Hoover, retired here and opened shop as a private investigator. And yet, Steve started out as a teacher.

“But I worked for my dad for the Summer. So I’m getting ready, I gotta make a decision and my dad says, ‘Well you know you could always teach next year,’ and I jumped on it. So that’s how I became a private I. “

With stories, he told a ghostwriter.

“Well to be really honest with you, it was fun just finding somebody to listen to my stories that were interested in them. That was my motivation. You talk to all my friends, you know, they’ve heard my stories,” he laughed. “They say, ‘We don’t need to buy your book, we already know what’s in your book.”

If you want to read the book, you can find it at Barnes and Noble.

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