Kupuna Life: Former NFL Rams player recounts glory days

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — There were just 12 NFL teams instead of today’s 32.

“In 1953, it was quite different from what it is today,” said former L.A. Rams Player Brad Myers. “Outside of Los Angeles and San Francisco, most of them were from Chicago and east of there.”

Just 33 players, instead of today’s 53, and not quite as big.

“They are bigger today, I don’t know if they’re faster but they’re bigger anyhow,” said Myers.

And when this strapping six-one 195-pound 23-year old rookie halfback was drafted by the Rams 66 years ago, the pay was a lot less.

“Well, Norm Van Brocklin was a quarterback for the Rams and I think he was making close to $15,000 per year and everybody else was below that,” Myers said.

When he was asked about the pay these days, Myers said, “It’s outrageous, outrageous.”

“I make more from pension benefits from football than I ever made as a player.”

Still, not bad for a young man from rural Pennsylvania who couldn’t play football until he was 17-years-old.

“I always loved football from the time I was a young kid we used to play sandlot football and so forth and I begged my parents to send me to Lancaster so I could play for a high school there but that didn’t happen so.”

But then prep school and Bucknell University, where he rushed for 2,622 yards and 32 touchdowns over three years–he’s in its hall of fame.

Brad’s five-year NFL career included a stint with the Philadelphia Eagles, but his heart was and will always be with the Rams.

He went to many games while living in L.A. for so many years working as a stockbroker and mutual funD wholesaler, but then in 1990 his heart found Hawaii.

“We liked it so much and we got to know so many people we decided to move here 12 years ago, it’ll be 12 years this month, the 28th of August we moved here in 2007,” said Myers.

Brad met his wife Nancy in LA about 40 years ago when she says she bumped his car in a parking lot. Now on the west side, Nancy teaches piano and substitute teaches at Kamaile Academy.

“We had quite a life, a whole different world from where we are here, but it’s as much plentiful as anything both of us have ever had so we had a lot of everything and this is our home,” said Brad’s wife Nancy Smyth-Myers.

Brad, 89-and-a-half-years-old, no lingering football injuries he says these days tends their lush and fruitful garden.

When asked if his neighbors knew about him being a former Rams’ player, Brad said, “Well I imagine a lot of them do because my wife toots my horn, all the time she’s talking about me.”

“He’s so humble, he never tells anybody anything. I mean no one would know that he does a thing,” said Nancy.

Myers said that he still watches games every Sunday, despite his wife’s pleas about going to the beach with her.

When he watches football now, Myers says that he holds a critical eye when it comes to football.

They used to go to Pro Bowl practices when that was here. Other than that, no pro games for them since moving here but that’s about to change.

Marisa Yamane, HTA Communications and PR Director: “On behalf of the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the State of Hawaii, we want to give you two tickets to the game,” said HTA Communications and PR Director Marisa Yamane.

Where will he be sitting? The 50-yard-line.

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