HONOLULU (KHON2) — It has been almost 35 years since he served as Hawaii’s governor, but George Ariyoshi still spends much of his time thinking about what is best for the state.

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Ariyoshi came out with a new book at 94-years-old and says, it is about the future of Hawaii.

“This is my third book actually,” Ariyoshi said. “And when I look at Hawaii now and I look at Hawaii’s future, I look at what is happening and I become very concerned that people are not really thinking about the future.”

It took him a year to write his newest book “Hawaii’s Future.” The book examines the state’s past and present while asking readers to discover ways to create a better Hawaii.

“For example, Hawaii is only state in country surrounded by ocean, that ocean belongs to us, and we should look at ways that we should do things better,” Ariyoshi said.

Doing things better is how Ariyoshi has always lived. He was first elected to public office when he was only 28-years-old. He went undefeated in 22 elections and still receives calls from people asking for advice. Ariyoshi says, it is always important to keep the mind and body active.

“One mile every day on my bicycle and I do my leg movements, I do 40 of these leg movements, I do 40 of my arm up-and-down like this and so I feel it’s important to keep the body active, not let it get stale,” Ariyoshi said.

“I exercise hard because I feel I’m very lucky that my parents gave me very good genes, and then I have the other Jean that I’m very grateful for that’s my wife, my Jean, we’ve been together now for almost 67 years.”

He advises other kupuna to live long by remaining healthy and finding their purpose in life.

“Don’t feel like I’m too old, so I shouldn’t do that,” Ariyoshi said. “Any person, every person can participate up until the very end, in ways that are important to himself or herself and to the community and to his family.”

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