HONOLULU (KHON2) — Do you like your job? Do you like your employer? One Oahu woman loved both so much that she returned to her job after retirement to help out during the COVID pandemic.

This 82-year-old woman believes her job keeps her young.

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Anyone who walks into the Queen’s Physicians Office Building II is initially greeted by Edovia Lazaro who works as a temperature screener.

Lazaro does her part to ensure health and safety in the building during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I decide to come back because all my co-workers after retirement of 65, they gone, four of them, and I feel so bad for that,” explained Lazaro.

Lazaro has spent 43 years working for the Queen’s Medical Center before retiring in 2007. The majority of those years were spent as a surgical assistant in the operation room.

“I love to work, I cannot stand to stay in the house… I love my co-workers, my associates, they appreciate so much coming back.”

Edovia Lazaro, Queen’s temperature screener

In her current on-call role, Lazaro is on her feet for eight hours at a time. She greets and screens up to 2,000 people a day.

“I want to say thank you for coming to help especially now during COVID when we do need the help. The support means a lot to the staff,” said Celeste Barstis, Queen’s Medical Center operations manager.

“I love my work. I love the patients. I love to see them say ‘thank you Edovia.’


When Lazaro is not working, she loves to cook and spend time with her family, but she works as much as she can because she is passionate about her workplace.

“I see it all the time in her interactions with our patients and their families; she takes the time to speak to them, listen to them and help them with wayfinding,” added Barstis.

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Lazaro said she does not care if she is old or about her age, but she does care about her work.