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It’s been called a Silver Tsunami: a growing number of elderly in the nation’s population. Here in Hawaii, the latest state figures show by 2020, more than 25 percent of Hawai‘i’s population will be 60 years of age or older. Currently, an estimated 21 percent of Hawai‘i’s adult population cares for someone 60 years or older.


It’s likely this Silver Tsunami touches your life, whether it’s you, your parent, your grandparent, or another loved one in your life. How do you manage this? How can you navigate the overwhelming number of choices and decisions that need to be made?


KHON2 wants to help. Since 2007, we’ve presented The Kupuna Life, focusing on caregiving and aging issues facing Hawaii’s seniors, and their families and caregivers.


The goal of Kupuna Life is to bring awareness to both the issues and resources available to Hawaii’s aging population and their caregivers. We hope this knowledge will help our kupuna move through the final phase of their lives as gracefully as possible. Together, we can take this journey.


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Wendy Oshiro is an educator and reverse mortgage specialist. After 16 years of teaching, she entered the reverse mortgage industry shortly after both of her parents lost their independence.

Believing the myths about reverse mortgages, she opted instead to sell her parents’ home to pay for long term care and ended their hope of ever returning home. Subsequently discovering the truth about the benefits, features, costs and implications of the reverse mortgage program she realized it could have helped her parents stay at home.

Now she’s on a mission to educate seniors and families about their options in retirement so they might make informed decisions based on the facts.

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