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KHII is THE newest TV station in Honolulu and promises an unparalleled focus on local programming!  We are committed to producing and airing programming which reflects the interests and the culture of the people of Hawaii. KHII will be there for our community, whenever and wherever it may need us, providing the most consistent voice for all the stories that impact our Islands. KHII also shines a light on the unique cultural melting pot of Hawaii, through original, relatable, homegrown local programming. From quiet neighbor island communities to the bustling city of Honolulu, KHII is putting our community first.

2019 Program Schedule
  Monday – Friday   Saturday   Sunday  
4:00am Celebrity Page   Ron Hazelton’s Housecalls   Cars.TV 4:00am
4:30am Wake Up 2Day at 4:30am   Beautiful Homes & Great Estates   Animal Rescue 4:30am
5:00am Wake Up 2Day at 5am   Movie   Dog Tales 5:00am
5:30am     American Latino 5:30am
6:00am Wake Up 2Day at 6am     Latination 6:00am
6:30am     Sports Stars of Tomorrow 6:30am
7:00am Wake Up 2Day at 7am   Xploration Earth 2050   Paid Program 7:00am
7:30am   Xploration Nature Knows Best   Paid Program 7:30am
8:00am Wake Up 2Day – Take 2   Xploration Outer Space   Think Big 8:00am
8:30am   Xploration Awesome Planet   Great Big World 8:30am
9:00am Paid Program   Xploration Weird But True   The Jet Set 9:00am
9:30am Paid Program   Xploration DIY Sci   Texas Music Scene 9:30am
10:00am Divorce Court – 1   Live Life and Win   Made in Hollywood Now 10:00am
10:30am Divorce Court – 2   American Athlete   Celebrity Page  10:30am
11:00am Caught in Providence – 1   Paid Program   Paid Program 11:00am
11:30am Caught in Providence – 2   Paid Program   Paid Program 11:30am
12:00pm Judge Faith – 1   Made in Hollywood   Whacked Out Sports – 1 (second run) 12:00pm
12:30pm Judge Faith – 2   Cops   Whacked Out Sports – 2 (second run) 12:30pm
1:00pm Paid Program   Cops   Open House 1:00pm
1:30pm Paid Program   Caught in Providence   Today’s Homeowner 1:30pm
2:00pm Access Hollywood Live   Caught in Providence   Ron Hazelton’s Housecalls 2:00pm
2:30pm   Young Icons   Beautiful Homes & Great Estates 2:30pm
3:00pm The Doctors   Paid Program   Paid Program 3:00pm
3:30pm   Paid Program   Paid Program 3:30pm
4:00pm Living808 (RB)   Movie   Movie 4:00pm
4:30pm     4:30pm
5:00pm Family Feud – 1     5:00pm
5:30pm Family Feud – 2     5:30pm
6:00pm Big Bang Theory – 3   KHON2 News at 6 (simulcast)   KHON2 News at 6 (simulcast) 6:00pm
6:30pm Big Bang Theory – 4   Big Bang Theory – Wk 1   Big Bang Theory – Wk 2 6:30pm
7:00pm KHON2 News at 7   Family Guy – Wk 1 (RB)   Modern Wahine Hawaii 7:00pm
7:30pm   Bob’s Burgers – Wk 1   Bob’s Burgers – Wk 2 7:30pm
8:00pm MyNet Prime   Two and a Half Men – Wk 1   Heartland (RB) 8:00pm
8:30pm   Two and a Half Men – Wk 2   8:30pm
9:00pm   Bones – 2   Saving Hope (RB) 9:00pm
9:30pm     9:30pm
10:00pm Access Hollywood   KHON2 News at 10 (simulcast)   KHON2 News at 10 (simulcast) 10:00pm
10:30pm Daily Mail – 1   How I Met Your Mother – Wk 2   Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen (RB) 10:30pm
11:00pm Daily Mail – 2   Comedy.TV   Cops 11:00pm
11:30pm Dateline (second run)     Cops 11:30pm
12:00am   Caught in Providence   Caught in Providence 12:00am
12:30am The Game – 1   Caught in Providence   The Jet Set 12:30am
1:00am The Game – 2   Movie   Movie 1:00am
1:30am Impractical Jokers – 1     1:30am
2:00am Paid Program     2:00am
2:30am Cleveland     2:30am
3:00am King of the Hill   Paid Program   Paid Program 3:00am
3:30am American Dad    Paid Program   Paid Program 3:30am

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