HONOLULU (KHON2) — The State of Hawai’i approved a resolution on Tuesday, to rename the Russian Fort Elisabeth State Historical Park to Pa’ula’ula.

According to The Senate, Pa’ula’ula is the traditional place name for the eastern bank at the mouth of the Waimea River and was the location of the royal compound of Kaumuali’i, the ali’i ‘ai moku of Kaua’i.

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The Senate said the name change comes almost 15 months after an eight-foot-tall bronze statue of King Kaumuali’i was unveiled at Pa’ula’ula, Waimea on Kaua’i.

“I am pleased that the Board of Land and Natural Resources has adopted SR 106.” “The community has asked that the mo‘olelo of this wahi pana is shared and the ‘aina that cares for the iwi kūpuna is honored. As leaders, have a responsibility to preserve and promote our native Hawaiian culture, history and language.”


To help with the new name change the Senate asked BLNR for interpretive signs, brochures and websites to reflect the cultural history of the site.

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The Senate said collaboration between the organization and the National Park Service is advised so that the Hawaiian place name is reflected in the National Historic Landmark designation.