HONOLULU (KHON2) — Financial assistance available to Kauai residents thanks to the Coronavirus Rental and Utility Program (CRUA) by the Kauai Federal Credit Union. 

The Kauai Federal Credit Union (Kauai FCU) has reopened, and they are encouraging renters and landlords who need financial assistance to apply. 

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Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami said he is happy Kauai residents have options to catch up on rent and utilities if they were negatively impacted by the pandemic.

“We are incredibly grateful to our partners with Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union for their efforts to continue to this program, as many in our community are still struggling to make ends meet,” said Kawakami. “We also thank our partners with Hawaiian Community Assets for helping residents who are also preparing to transition out of financial assistance.”

Funding for this program has been limited for renters and landlords in the past. However, officials say this program has been expanded and can now accommodate more renters and landlords needing assistance.
Housing Director Adam Roversi said those needing assistance should contact FCU. They can also reach out for further information. 

“We want to encourage anyone needing financial assistance, to call or email Kaua‘i FCU if they have any questions about eligibility,” said Roversi. “There may be something we can do that wasn’t an option during our previous program. Please call if you’d like to know what your options are and if there are other resources you may be eligible for and can utilize.”

With the state transitioning to post-pandemic times, officials are excited to continue to offer this type of assistance to renters and landlords who qualify. 

Residents who need assistance transitioning away from CRUA benefits, are welcome to contact the Kaua‘i Financial Opportunity Center run by Hawaiian Community Assets. 

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For more information on Kaua‘i’s Coronavirus Rental and Utility Assistance Program email rent@kauaicreditunion.org or call 808-482-3777.