Scott Denny of Kaiser Permanente joined John Veneri in the Living808 Studio to discuss how Kaiser is fostering and inclusive and diverse environment for LGBTQ people.

“If we want our patients to feel included and welcomed, we have to be culturally responsive with our colleagues, staff, and clinicians first.  One initiative we implemented is called Belong@KP.  This program lays the foundation for an inclusive environment by teaching us to recognize our own biased behaviors and get us to rewire our thinking to engage more inclusively. From this, we imbed inclusive and equitable practices into how we engage and communicate with our colleagues and staff.

The result is an environment that recognizes and celebrates all our diversity.  We also provide online training tools for our staff and clinicians. These help to ensure we are engaging in culturally responsive interactions with our gender diverse and transgender patients.”

And this week we are all celebrating ‘Pride Week’, so how does Kaiser Permanente celebrate Pride and a diverse workforce?

“We encourage our staff and clinicians to celebrate their diversity and live their most authentic self, knowing they are in a safe and supportive environment. We have a Kaiser Pride Employee Resource Group that promotes Pride and celebrates our LGBTQ communities throughout the year. We champion local causes like the Honolulu AIDS Walk, raising awareness about HIV and AIDS toward ending that epidemic. We will be representing Kaiser Permanente in the Honolulu Pride parade on October 15th.”

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