HONOLULU (KHON2) — One positive thing that came out of the global pandemic were people taking more time out of their day to practice self care.

Some people picked up hobbies like taking daily walks around the neighborhood, other people started to read more after they clocked off of work, and other people tried a new hobby like yoga, tennis, Pilates and Zumba. 

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The Centers for Disease Control even has a tab on their website dedicated to informing the public on ways to destress, relax and unwind. 

Some examples include gardening, listening to music or trying a new recipe for dinner. 

During the pandemic many people were furloughed or had to work from home for months and some even years. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics millions of Americans have or plan on quitting their jobs each month in a growing trend some know as “The Great Resignation.”

People are leaving their current jobs to start their own companies or businesses. Many people are now realizing self-care and doing what they love should be valued higher than it was pre-pandemic. 

With self-care on the rise comes more wellness events, companies and practices popping up. 

Chelsie Moore, who goes by Aura, founded Lifted Auras right before the pandemic in the summer of 2019. 

Courtesy: Lifted Auras

She said she provides international wellness retreats and events, sound alchemy using crystals and sound bowls, life coaching, flow yoga, card readings and more. 

Aura said she started Lifted Auras as a way to help heal herself and friends and noticed the need for healing not only in the black community on Oahu but everywhere. 

I started sharing what I do online with the intention to help heal the community, break generational cycles and create a better future for ourselves and the next generations to come,” said Aura. “Lifted Auras also helps provide clarity and motivate you on your spiritual journey.”

This is something that hits home for Aura because after a few months of opening Lifted Auras she left her corporate job and eventually made it her full time career.

Courtesy: Lifted Auras

“All of my services bring me joy and my favorite is sound healing,” said Aura. “Some of the instruments I perform with are crystal sound bowls, rain sticks, tuning forks, drums and combining those with yoga and affirmations.”

She said sound baths are known to repair DNA, relax your body, cleanse your aura and focus when studying.

The pandemic had a huge impact on small business owners nationwide including Aura’s. She said she used to host wellness retreats and events but found it difficult with locations being closed and sticking to capacity limitations. 

“After converting to online events with the help of social media and Metaverse it has gotten better but I do value face-to-face interactions,” said Aura. “As venues start to slowly open back up I am looking forward to creating those connections again.”

She said as a black business owner in Hawaii, she has been blessed to receive a ton of support and has connected with so many beautiful people that supported her in every step of the way.

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Aura said Lifted Auras is all about raising vibrations and consciousness and what better time to work on your self love and healing than now.