HONOLULU (KHON) — Have you tried Tasty Kreyol, the Haitian food truck that stops at different locations around Oahu?

Tasty Kreyol is a family owned and operated business led by Gedeon Germeille, his wife Fabiola Germeille and their four children.

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Gedeon who goes by Chef Q said his family moved to Oahu the summer of 2015 and quickly immersed themselves in the Hawaiian culture. 

He said they made note of several similarities between the Haitian and Hawaiian cultures, like the importance of family, culture and food. 

If anyone knows Haitian cuisine, then they know rice, beans and fried pork is at the center of most meals. 

He said the locals of Oahu really love their food combination and keep coming back for more.

Courtesy: Tasty Kreyol

According to Chef Q Tasty Kreyol is the first and only Haitian food truck on Oahu. They bring the rich and delightful flavors of the Caribbean and Haiti to Hawaii. 

Food trucks are popular all over the island of Oahu, but trying Black owned food trucks during Black History Month can be an easy way to support local and celebrate the diversity of people here on Oahu.

He said some Haitian food favorites are griot, fried plantains and flaky meat patties.

Chef Q said sometimes Haitian tourists stop by and are surprised and pleased to find their food in the middle of the Pacific.  

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He said Tasty Kreyol is a vibe and encourage anyone to try something new. For more information on their operating locations, or to look at their menu click here