HONOLULU (KHON2) — Pop-up picnics at parks and on beaches have become a huge hit especially during the pandemic. 

Since it is still suggested to socially distance yourself from others, it has been hard for some people to try to find new activities to do that don’t require going to a crowded bar or sitting in a movie theatre indoors.

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Liz Davis, a Black-owned entrepreneur, said she started her event planning business three years ago and it has been a true eye-opening experience. 

Davis, the owner of Sparkle My Creation, said she is going into her third year of business and thankfully they were able to stay afloat throughout the pandemic. 

She attributes it to people opting for more outdoor friendly activities, where people in the same household can still have a good time, and experience something new. 

Davis offers different settings to hold luxury picnics at the beach, park, or even in a hotel room. To book a picnic click here.

She said she has always had a passion for decorating and is thankful her business is liked by many locals and tourists on the island. 

Whether it’s a birthday celebration on the beach, or a wedding proposal at the park. Davis said she is ready to help people have a good time. 

During Black History month many people opt to support Black owned businesses–something that is important to Davis. 

“I think being a business owner here in Hawaii has been both exciting and very informational,” said Davis. “I don’t think of myself of being just a black business owner but more so of a great entrepreneur. I am literally learning with each client that I book and every time I set up on the island.”

She said as a whole, it is important to support local businesses to help people on the island and incorporate support for all cultures. 

Davis said she is Nigerian and Creole and feels it is imperative to show love to local businesses all over the island. 

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“It means the world to me being on this island and being shown the Aloha spirit with each person and client that I meet.”