HONOLULU (KHON2) — For UH at Manoa Professor, Dr. Ethan Caldwell, Black History is taught everyday not just during the month of February. 

Dr. Caldwell said he was hired to work at UH Manoa in 2017 where he teaches classes on African American Studies and Ethnic Studies. 

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He said his class focuses on how members of the Black diaspora construct conceptions of Blackness, race, and empire throughout their experiences in the Pacific. 

According to Dr. Caldwell UH Manoa has a Black / African American students’ population of 1.6%, which is why he thinks his work is important and needed.

He said one of his most popular classes is African American Experiences Part one and two.  

“It gives students, whether they are black or non-black, an opportunity to understand those experiences surrounding blackness in general, but it gives the opportunity to look back before slavery or enslavements,” said Dr. Caldwell. 

Dr. Caldwell is also the faculty advisory for Black Students Association (BSA) at UH Manoa. 

He said this organization puts on different events year-round with their hallmark event being the Alice Ball graduation ceremony. 

Dr. Caldwell said the organization tried to promote awareness on Black issues, Black culture, and topics around being Black in Hawaii.

“Willing to learn about black centered issues and understand that even if we don’t talk about race and how it intersects with different identities here on the islands, it is so crucial to try and understand,” said Dr. Caldwell. 

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