HONOLULU (KHON2) — For some, meal prepping can be a tedious chore, but Asia and her husband Ezzio Lavarello want to make meal prepping fun, filling and tasty.

Asia and Ezzio own Dash of Sazon, a Caribbean food restaurant that sells pre-made meal plans to go.

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“Caribbean food is the food of my soul, my family and my people,” said Asia “My dad is from Jamaica and my mom is from Puerto Rico, so these are the recipes and flavors I grew up with. Caribbean people are known for being entrepreneurial and industrious, and I’ve always been encouraged to start my own business and work for myself.”

When most people think of meal-prepping, they think of plain chicken breast, a green veggie, with some brown rice. Asia said that is the exact opposite of their premade meals. 

Courtesy: Dash of Sazón LLC

“We bring Caribbean and Latino flavor to Hawaii,” said Asia. “Through our dishes and our meal preps, we’ve introduced hundreds of people to dishes they never would have experienced.”

She said their food holds so much flavor and it’s healthy to eat. They offer meal plans with plenty of protein like fish, chicken and steak paired with low carbs and low sodium.

For example, this week she is offering her customers chicken in a tangy sauce with capers, garlic cauliflower rice and maple roasted sweet potatoes.

Asia said during the pandemic she saw a void in meal-prepping businesses. So, she decided to open her own.

Courtesy: Dash of Sazón LLC

“I started off selling food only on the weekends and was amazed at the response,” said Asia. “Once I began making as much in two days doing what I loved as I did in five days in an office, I knew I was ready to make a change.”

Asia said at the start of the pandemic many restaurants were closed, but people wanted to still enjoy great food in the comfort of their homes.

“We’ve had nothing but positive experiences and lots of support,” said Asia. “We concentrate on the food and on the people and we’ve gotten only love in response.”

Courtesy: Dash of Sazón LLC

The help and support from the community allowed Asia and Ezzio to save up enough money to open their own restaurant where people can stop by and pick up their pre-made meals to go. 

This Saturday you can go to 1502 Liliha St. to show support of this growing business and try their savory Caribbean food. 

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To see the full menu or to buy their food online click here