We sent Dallis Ontiveros to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to speak with travelers about where they’re going for spring break and how they prepare for travel.

The Department of Transportation always recommends travelers arrive at least two to three hours early before taking off, plan a pick-up or drop-off location and check their luggage for any items that will not pass through TSA.

Officials also like to suggest checking the status of your flight or pre-board online to save time and also check the weather and safety conditions of where you’re traveling to.

A couple of travelers said the most challenging part when scheduling a group vacation with friends is communication.

“If you’re flying with any airlines, you can download the mobile app to check in and flight status,” said Daniel Chun with Alaska Airlines. “It saves time on your vacation.”

For more information on spring break travel and items to be aware of going through TSA, click here.