HONOLULU (KHON2) — There are thousands and thousands of McDonald’s locations around the world.

The franchise, for the most part, sells their crispy fries, chicken nuggets and Big Mac sandwiches. However, some locations have different menu items reflecting the culture they belong to. 

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In Hawaii, Spam is a staple breakfast food usually paired with eggs, rice, bacon and Portuguese sausage. 

If you stop by a McDonald’s in Hawaii, you can purchase their famous Spam Breakfast Platters

Another popular food item sold in Hawaii is their McTeri Deluxe sandwich. Instead of a regular beef patty the McTeri Deluxe uses teriyaki sauce to smother the beef patty. 

Some Hawaii McDonald’s locations sell fresh cut pineapple as well as apple slices. This can be an unexpected, tasty treat for people. 

Lastly, McDonald’s has been known to sell Haupia Pies! Haupia is coconut milk-based, a classic Hawaiian dessert. McDonald’s stuffs their pie crust with haupia and call it their Haupia Pie!

McDonald’s Hawaii Menu Items:

  • Spam Breakfast Plates
  • McTeri Deluxe
  • Haupia Pie

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For more information on these fun items found in Hawaii or to look at the nearest McDonald’s near you head to their website