HONOLULU (KHON2) — Whether you fly to Hawaii for the beaches, tropical climate, or never-ending hiking trails, one thing you will also experience is delicious Hawaiian food.

Because Hawaii is a melting pot full of rich culture, it comes with great food, like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese, Polynesian and more. 

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Poke is a very popular traditional Hawaii dish that consists of raw chunks of fish over rice or salad. When flying to Hawaii, people will search from the North Shore to the South for the best poke spot.

Trip Advisor ranks the best poke within a region and came out with their list of best poke on Oahu for June. 

They consider the reviews, popularity and location when coming out with their ranks.

Best poke on Oahu:

  1. Poke Bar – Honolulu
  2. Ono Seafood – Honolulu
  3. Musubi Cafe Iyasume – Honolulu
  4. Foodland – Haleiwa
  5. Haleiwa Beach House – Haleiwa
  6. Uahi Island Grill – Kailua
  7. Fresh Catch – Honolulu
  8. Nico’s Pier 38 – Honolulu
  9. Island Vintage Coffee – Honolulu
  10. Goofy Cafe & Dine – Honolulu

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To read the full list and see when these restaurants and eateries are open, head to Trip Advisor’s website