HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii is home to a melting pot of food from all around the world.

While many people are excited to try the local Hawaiian cuisine, like kalua pork and Spam fried rice, many people want to get their hands on the breakfast classic: an island loco moco. 

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A loco moco is traditionally made with white rice, a burger patty smothered with brown gravy and topped with an over easy or sunny side up egg.

Yelp ranks the best island loco mocos within a region and came out with their list of best spots on Oahu for August 2022. 

They take into consideration reviews, popularity and location when coming out with their ranks.

Rainbow Drive-In came in first on Yelp’s list of best loco mocos on Oahu. Rainbow Drive-In is a popular spot to eat at for both locals and tourists and has even been featured on Food Network shows.

Best Loco Moco’s on Oahu:

  1. Rainbow Drive-In – Kaimuki
  2. Liliha Bakery – Kalihi
  3. Heavenly Island Lifestyle – Waikiki
  4. Helena’s Hawaiian Food– Kalihi
  5. Hula Grill Waikiki – Waikiki
  6. Island Style BBQ – Kalihi
  7. Liliha Drive-Inn – Kalihi
  8. Musubi Cafe Iyasume – Waikiki
  9. ShoreFyre – Waikiki
  10. Aloha Kitchen – Waikiki

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To read the full list and see when these loco moco eateries are open, head to Yelp’s website