HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s the last week of summer here in Hawaii, and although the weather doesn’t change too much, it might be a fun time to do your favorite summer activities because the season changes. 

Swimming in the ocean, eating shaved ice and sunbathing all day are all things Hawaii residents and tourists do year-round.

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However, with fall right around the corner, people can expect to see more rainy days, cooler nights and the sun setting earlier.

Summer activities to do in Hawaii

  • Enjoying a beach day
  • Having shaved ice
  • Going on an evening hike
  • Going zip lining
  • Enjoying a day at a water park 
  • Having a picnic at a botanical garden
  • Hosting a family cookout or BBQ
  • Stand up paddle boarding down a river
  • Enjoying a sunset cruise
  • Camping out on the beach

Unlike on the mainland, Hawaii is full of local shaved ice spots. Although shaved ice can be enjoyed all year-round, there is nothing better than diving into your favorite flavors on a hot summer day. 

Some activities in Hawaii are best done during the summer. Sometimes after a large storm passes through during the fall and winter months, excursions will be postponed or canceled. 

For example, if it is raining hard, the odds are you won’t be able to go zip lining, go on a sunset cruise or even go to a water park. 

Although Hawaii does not observe daylight saving time, it does get dark earlier in the fall and winter months, meaning you can’t enjoy late night picnics on the beach with endless sunlight.

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The Hawaii Tourism Authority comes out with monthly lists of top excursions for Hawaii visitors and Hawaii residents. To check out their list of top Hawaii activities, head to their website.