HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Honolulu Zoo is saying aloha to a new sun bear from Ohio. They happily welcomed Scruffy, a Malayan sun bear, who is about 30 years old. 

Scruffy was born in Malaysia and was transported to Honolulu from the Cleveland Zoo. 

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She weighs about 73 pounds and will join the Honolulu Zoo’s male sun bear, Blackie, who she was previously housed with at the Cleveland Zoo in 2008. 

Blackie has now been with the Honolulu Zoo since Nov. 6 2008 and zoo staff say they are excited to re-unite the two bears once again. 

“We are very excited to reintroduce Scruffy to her old friend, Blackie,” said Honolulu Zoo Director Linda Santos. “It was a touching reunion as Scruffy and Blackie immediately greeted each other through the gate when Scruffy arrived. Scruffy has completed her quarantine period and zoo staff can now work on integrating her to share the habitat with Blackie.” 

Although the two bears are already acquainted, staff members said due to their ages they have not been identified as a breeding pair.

Sun bears are commonly found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. They are typically black with light colored muzzles and sickle-shaped claws. 

Most adult sun bears weigh less than 200 pounds and are considered to be the smallest of the bear species. 

These bears are omnivores and use their long tongues to feed on insects, honey and fruits. The tropical regions where they are found provide sun bears with year-round availability of food meaning they do not need to hibernate during the winter months.

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You are encouraged to head on down to the Honolulu Zoo to check out Scruffy and Blackie. They can be seen in the sun bear exhibit at the base of Diamond Head next to the Kamehameha and Koa butterfly art wall.