HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii is known for having the best beaches with picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets.

From soft-sand beaches to black-sand beaches, the Hawaiian islands have it all including a glass beach located on Kauai. 

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Hawaii has more than 750 miles of beautiful shoreline, and one hidden gem is found on Kauai.

Unlike your typical sand beach, Kauai’s glass beach is full of millions of little sea glass that have washed up on shore. 

Located in a Hanapepe industrial area near Port Allen Small Boat Harbor you can come to the picture-perfect beach to see the beauty for yourself. 

Only in Your State, a travel website for all 50 states in America, said glass beach on Kauai is home to millions of sea glass pebbles in bright hues of aqua, tan, orange, blue and brown. 

The glass found on this beach was mostly created from broken bottles and auto glass they said was dumped years ago. Due to strong currents and ocean tides, the pieces of glass get grazed over eventually becoming what we know as “sea glass.”

It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 years to create each piece of sea glass which is why this beach should be on your bucket list. 

This beach is best for viewing and not going in the water due to the beach’s rocky bottom. Tourists and visitors are also strongly advised to take pictures of the sea glass but not take any home with them. It’s best to leave the sea glass on the beach.

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For more information about Kauai’s sea glass beach head to Only in Your State’s website