HONOLULU (KHON2) – National Beach Day is celebrated on Aug. 30 every year. Hawaii has endless beaches surrounding all of the islands.

Many people choose to vacation in Hawaii just to hang out at the beach all day, taking in the sun and year-round warm weather. 

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However, there are some unspoken rules that most locals and tourists should know when visiting a beach in Hawaii.

For example, making sure you pack reef friendly sunscreen, not invading other people’s personal spaces and knowing what beaches are perfect for swimming and what beaches are meant for the surfers. 

Look Into Hawaii, a travel guide website, came out with their list of best beach etiquette to consider when relaxing at the beach. 

They said most of these things should come as common sense, however it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your etiquette if you haven’t been to a public beach in a while and want to have the best time all while honoring the native land. 

Beach Etiquette Tips for Hawaii Beach Goers:

  • No smoking (It’s against the law on public beaches)
  • Bring reef friendly sunscreen 
  • Remember personal space
  • Watch your kids (strong currents can come out of nowhere)
  • Not all beaches are dog friendly
  • Pack out what you packed in

It’s also important to find the right beach for what you are looking for. Some beaches are better for fishing, others better for paddle boarding and some are perfect for just dipping your toes in the ocean. 

If you show up to a beach and the waves look strong and there isn’t a lifeguard present, you might want to reconsider getting in the water, especially if you are not an experienced ocean swimmer. (Swimming in the ocean with a current is a lot different than swimming in lakes and rivers.) 

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For more etiquette tips for Hawaii beach goers head to Look Into Hawaii’s website