HONOLULU (KHON2) – Did you know that Hawaii has native bats and it’s known to be the only land mammal native to the islands. 

For those looking to see these night-active mammals you can try your luck near Wahinekapu and other areas on Hawaiʻi Island during twilight.

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Unlike what you may see on TV, these mammals do not reside in caves or roost in large colonies. 

They actually enjoy being alone in trees and eating flying insects like termites, beetles and moths. 

Hawaiian hoary bats called ʻōpeʻapeʻa are small in size weighing up to 24 grams or about the same weight as an AA battery. 

For more information about these mammals or for more information about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park head to their website.

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Because these native bats are endangered, they are protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act and the Hawaii Endangered Species Act.