HONOLULU (KHON2) – When visiting and vacationing in Hawaii how well do you tip? Do you tip based off the service you get or do you give a flat rate of 10-20% every time?

Many international visitors who come from countries that don’t normally tip opt out of this old school practice which can sometimes be hard on employees who rely on daily, weekly and even monthly tips.

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Trip Savvy, a website dedicated to sharing helpful travel information, offers tips for those concerned their tipping etiquette isn’t the best. 

They recommend tipping a luggage handler, if you use one, shuttle bus driver or uber driver that takes you from the airport to your hotels. 

Not everyone knows you can tip your housekeeping staff. With COVID-19 guidelines still in place at many hotels and resorts, housekeeping might not come every day and instead come every two to three days. 

It is considered nice to tip your housekeeping staff $2 per day or more if they do a great job. If you call and order room service, it’s not required to tip extra because usually a 15-20% gratuity rate is added onto your bill. 

When dining out at a restaurant or eating at a bar it’s most common to tip your server 15-20%.

When grabbing coffee, a smoothie or a yummy acai bowl you might come across a small tip jar. You can opt to give a few bucks rather than tip on your receipt. 

Tipping on group tours might not be something one thinks about, but excursion workers will gladly take. 

According to Trip Savvy, giving a $5 tip per person is generally appropriate for group tours that last one hour. For tours that last two hours they recommend giving a $10 tip per person. 

Helicopter flights are very popular in Hawaii. Some say it’s the best way to see the beauty of the land. When tipping your helicopter pilot, they suggest something between $10-20. 

For more information on tipping etiquette on your Hawaii vacation head to Trip Savvy’s website