HONOLULU (KHON2) — Safe Access Oahu, the mask mandate, and Safe Travel Hawaii have all expired and now hundreds of thousands of tourists are flying to the islands. 

Since the start of the pandemic tourists slowed down booking their Hawaii vacations. However, in 2022 the numbers have jumped back up. 

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According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, March tourists flocked here by the thousands. The state of Hawaii welcomed 785,000 visitors, spending a total of $1,524.6M.

International travelers are starting to come back to the islands as well. In 2021, less than 1% of tourists who visited Hawaii in March came from other countries. That percentage jumped up to 9% March of 2022. 

The top ten international markets that came to Hawaii in March were from Canada, Oceania, Australia, Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea, China, New Zealand and Taiwan. Those coming from the United States came from California, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Utah, Illinois and Florida. 

The Hawaii Tourism Authority said they provide this research to help improve products, experiences and enhance marketing and brand strategies.

This upcoming summer will be the first time since 2019 that tourists could be able to have their vacations without any COVID regulations like mask mandates, showing proof of vaccination and reduced capacity while dining. 

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To see the recent trends of where Hawaii tourists are going, head to the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s website