HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some airlines are calling it a flash sale and if you wait too long, those low prices may be gone. 

Certain Hawaiian Airlines routes to the mainland could cost around $200 to get there and back.

Southwest Airlines also offered a lower fare with 40% off on flights.

But there is a caveat: the prices are usually only good for a day; this latest sale ended on Thursday.

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At least for Hawaiian Airlines, the lower ticket prices were only good on certain flights and dates, and those dates are different depending on the route. 

University of Hawaii Travel Industry Management Professor Jerry Agrusa said these dates are usually during the shoulder season. 

“Every empty seat is money you can never get back,” Agrusa said. “You can never get that revenue back, so that’s why they have their analytics are saying on this day there’s not as much demand so let’s try to drive people to you.”

He said the flashing sale signs on airlines websites could also be clickbait, only offering a certain number of seats at lower prices.

And even if the seat they wanted at a lower price is gone, they are likely to take another seat at a slightly higher cost. 

A 2023 survey by the Hawaii Tourism Authority found the top reason travelers may not return to Hawaii is because it is too expensive. 

Traveler LaShawna Cameron said a lower airfare would be an incentive to return. 

Cameron said, “The prices of just traveling so far from the states onto the island, they are pretty pricey so when sales are happening it lets a lot of people get a chance to come and experience the island.”

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A Hawaiian Airlines spokesperson said they are unable to comment on future airfare prices, but experts said, if there is a good price on the itinerary, take advantage of it.